Greg Lane's Max Wedge and Race Hemi Pages     

If you are into Max Wedge and Race Hemi package cars then you've come to the right place. My name is Greg Lane and I have been fortunate enough to be around people that knew these cars when they were new. I have been searching high and low for the better part of twenty plus years eating, breathing and sleeping these incredible cars. If you were one of the few fortunate people that had one of these cars or have stories about them, please by all means let the rest of us know what you know. In the future this page will grow into a place where you come to find information on 1962-1964 Max Wedge engine package cars and 1964-1965 Race Hemi package cars.

There is much to learn no matter how long you have been researching Max Wedge and Race Hemi program vehicles. When you think you've heard it all, someone comes out of nowhere and says "Oh yeah, I remember when ...." I never get tired of hearing other people's experiences when it comes to 1962-1965 performance package Chrysler products. If you have questions about Max Wedge and Race Hemi cars I will try to answer them. Hopefully in the future there will be more knowledgeable help jumping in with answers and advice.

This hobby has surely changed through the years, hasn't it? Used to be nobody wanted an old piece of crap Mopar except for us sick in the head people. Now if you love them you can't afford them. In the old days it was cool that they went up a little each year but not like crazy. At least if you had to let your baby go you got something for your trouble but you still couldn't retire, and that was okay. Then when collector cars turned into investments all site's pointed to rare and we were sitting ducks. All of a sudden matching numbers came in with all of the Chevy owners and every nut and bolt mattered.

How much information is too much information? There have always been two camps about how much an expert on these cars should share with the less knowledgeable, and with good reason. I used to argue "we should share all of the secrets on these cars so people can figure out if they are looking at a real car or not." It's a good argument. I would not want someone to buy a clone at real car prices which are getting higher all the time. It would be helpful though if they could simply consult a book to find out all the little things to look for to make sure they aren't getting taken advantage of.

Now I'm not so sure that's such a good idea. Sure it would help the less knowledgeable person but it would also help the counterfeiters. If you have a source book with all the answers they will make the fake cars better. My best advice at this time is consult with an expert when you are buying one of these cars. Hopefully you can get in contact through this page with the right people and make a more informed decision when you find a car. This is just the start though. Please feel free to send me an email to share with others, or if you have questions about your Max Wedge or Race Hemi. I know nothing about this computer stuff so be patient. I am sure this will be a great page to visit in the future.

Thank you ... Greg Lane