New Darrell Davis Books Are Available!     

GREAT NEWS!!!                                            4/26/2014

I know that some of you faithful 1963 and 1964 Max Wedge fans have found that the Darrell Davis books for these two years have been sold out for a while now. Some of you have been fortunate to find a copy here or there, but for most of you it has been no luck. Darrell has heard from you he has done something about it. You can now get your very own copy of his 1963 Plymouth Super Stock Guide and his 1964 Plymouth Super Stock and Super Commando Guide. Darrell has only printed 25 copies of each so don't get left out in the cold and get yours NOW! Darrell's contact information is at the top of his page on this website.

For you Dodge fans the 1963 Dodge Ramcharger Guide and 1964 Dodge Ramcharger and Hemi Charger Guide are now available again. These books will also be limited to 25 copies of each so get yours RIGHT NOW! These books will not be offered by Darrell on ebay so reach him directly through Darrell's contact information on this website. Seriously guys, don't drag your feet on this offering. We cannot expect Darrell will reprint these again. This could very well be your last chance to get one of these books.

For those of you that haven't seen Darrell's individual Super Stock and Ramcharger Guides, These books have so much more information in them pertaining to these cars than the VIN only books have. The VIN only books are a great asset to have in your information collection because they help you identify authentic cars and show you the different combinations of how these fantastic cars were built. If you are focused on one specific year and brand, the individual books are must haves. The individual guides will show you production figures for all models of a specific brand, internal documents pertaining to ordering the Max Wedge and Race Hemi cars, Corporate to Dealer announcements and more. All of this is important for you to know to have a better understanding of the cars you love so much.


Attention Race Hemi Fans!                    9/20/2012

Darrell Davis's new "64-65 Race Hemi Serial Number Book" is officially available!

Like the new "62-64 Max Wedge Serial Number Book", this new Race Hemi book has all of the VIN's for both Plymouth and Dodge Race Hemis for 1964 and 1965. It has the paint, trim and options codes for each model and year as well as it tells you how many of each color per model of car. The information breakdowns are great and very helpful when figuring out how a particular car was built. Whereas I still prefer the original books that contain one make/year per book because of the wealth of the information they provide, Darrell's new VIN books are condensed version of his separate make/year books that has the most vital information on these fantastic cars in one book. Carrying one book instead of many can be a real help when you are at a show or looking at several of these cars at one time. This new book is well worth the price. I already have my copy and am VERY PLEASED with it. Get yours SOON! You won't be disappointed.

Greg Lane

Hey guys, I have great news! For those of you not fortunate enough to get one of Darrell Davis's All VIN books that covered all of the Max Wedge cars from 1962 to 1964 and all of the Race Hemi's from 1964 to 1965, you just got lucky! In his initial offering of the All 1962 to 1965 VIN book it was limited to only 200 copies. They sold out rather quickly and as promised he did not reprint that book. I have heard from people that wanted a copy and there was nothing that could be done to accommodate them until now.

Darrell has come out with a new line of books that will help you authenticate VIN's to the cars you are looking at. These new books have even more information than his Previous VIN only book. Darrell has come out with a book that covers the 1962 to 1964 Max Wedge equipped cars. It has all the VIN information like his earlier book but only covers Max Wedge cars. It also includes the color and trim order sections from his individual Max Wedge books. I have a copy here and it is FANTASTIC!

Darrell has also released a VIN book for the 1960 to 1961 Long Ram Dodges, DeSotos and Plymouths. This VIN list book has never been available before so if you are into the Long Ram cars it is a must have. It will certainly be helpful at shows and auctions where these cars may be for sale. Like the new Max Wedge VIN books this book has much of the needed color and trim information that is in his individual Long Ram books.

Both books have the column lines after each VIN number that tell you the region and dealer codes as well as paint interior and other pertinent items like in the individual books. You can get these books by going to the Darrell Davis Books page on this site. Both of these books are worth every penny! A new Race Hemi VIN book is on the works for you guys looking for that information keep an eye on the site for an announcement on that book soon.