Max Wedge and Race Hemi Classifieds     

Hey Guy's & Gal's,

If you have been to my web site before you might have noticed we had a Mopar Classified Ads page where you could post ads for stuff you have for sale or something you are looking for. I have however had quite a few people contact me through the web site that are looking to sell or want specifically Max Wedge and Race Hemi cars and parts but really don't want to place ads and deal with a lot of tire kickers. With that in mind, if you have any Max Wedge or Race Hemi cars or parts you want to sell or you are looking for and don't want to place an ad, you are welcome to contact me through the web site with your needs to buy or sell. I will be putting together a confidential database so when someone has something Max Wedge or Race Hemi to sell or they are looking for I will add it to the appropriate list category. When I have a match I will ask a few questions and then put real buyers together with real sellers. I already have everything I need for my own cars so rest assured I won't be cherry picking parts for myself, although from time to time I do have clients with specific needs for restoration projects so hopefully that will be of benefit to you. I also have some Race Hemi and Max Wedge parts to get rid of so maybe I have something you need?

As far as fees for this service go, there won't be any for the most part although car deals can get quite involved so very modest fees might occur to make up for my time involved. My main interest here is getting people together and sharing our extra stuff with people that really need it so please feel free to reach me through my contact page. Hopefully this new more private format will put buyers and sellers together that might not have found each other through more traditional open forums. I want to keep this private format limited to Max Wedge and Race Hemi related items only in an effort to make the time required manageable. Lets give this a try and see what happens.


Greg Lane