Max Wedge and Race Hemi Parts     


After talking to Norm Brady of Crossram Connection I am now able to offer his Max Wedge and Race Hemi products to you. Contact me with your needs and I will see what is currently available. If Norm doesn't have what you are looking for I will see if I can find someone who does. Crossram Connection is the largest manufacturer of Max Wedge and Race Hemi products. Their parts are concourse-level accurate and look EXACTLY like the original parts. They offer a wide range of parts from clips to air cleaners. Many high level restoration shops and other parts companies including Chrysler get their Max Wedge and Race Hemi parts from these guys, including myself so I know you won't be disappointed in their products. I can honestly say this is one of very few places I feel comfortable in buying parts from sight unseen. I will personally handle your parts order and the parts will be shipped directly to you from the manufacturer.