Wanted - Original Max Wedge and Race Hemi Paperwork     

Updated 04/14/2007

I am looking for copies of original Max Wedge or Race Hemi paper work for my research on these cars. If you have any original paper work such as purchase orders, window stickers, letters from a Dodge or Plymouth dealership or Chrysler corporate paper work, or if you have any interesting stories about the cars you ran across back in the day I would enjoy hearing from you. These stories can help put together history's for current car owners and enlighten us as to how these cars were handed over to the original owners and what happened to them from there.

For example, one original owner told the current owner of a 1964 Belvedere Max Wedge about how he got his car. The story goes like this. He orders the car in late 1963 in spite of encouragement by the person taking the order that he should wait to get the new Hemi engine option coming out in January. So he orders the Max Wedge and waits for the car to come in. And he waits, and waits some more. Finally the car is delivered in February of 1964, without the engine! His engine finally arrives in March and he's off to the races. Bet you didn't see that one coming did you? There's more. The original owner was told when the car arrived less engine that there was a shortage of engines due to engines being damaged in new car deliveries by non-skilled transport unloading personnel. As a result of that Chrysler loaded the cars onto the transport trucks, locked the doors and mailed the keys to the receiving dealer destination with special instructions for unloading the cars to minimize engine failures prior to delivery to the new car owners. I would love to get a copy of that letter.

That story tells us more about the inner workings of how these cars were delivered that was not known until recently. It might not amount to much in the big picture but it will eventually tie in to something else that tells us more. If you have an interesting story like that or original paper work that you are willing to share I would love to hear from you. You can reach me through the email address on this site. Of course I am not expecting everything for free here. If you can afford to provide free information, trust me I certainly appreciate it as this site does not pay it's own way and the less out of my pocket personally the better. With that being said if you have paperwork I don't already have and want to sell original paperwork or copies of paperwork I am sure we can work something out.

Thank you,

Greg Lane