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In the last couple years I have been asked for copies of my 1964 A-864 Race Hemi blueprints. After careful thought I had my Race Hemi blueprints copied for a very limited number of true Race Hemi enthusiasts. I have fulfilled the orders that were made by this select list of people and have closed out the production of the prints. I do have a limited number of prints left that were not paid for by the persons that ordered them. If this type of historical paperwork interests you contact me through this website. Below are the details regarding what these blueprints are all about. Once I sell of the remaining unpaid orders that will be the end of it.

The first of the two blueprints consists of three full external views, right side, front center and left side views of the '64 A864 Race Hemi engine from the air cleaner down to the oil pan and include all mounted accessories like plug wires, brackets, air cleaner, fuel pump and fuel lines, even the headers. The side views also show outlines of the automatic transmission. This is an excellent reference piece in getting the details on your engine right. This blueprint has Carter carbs on it but other than that every detail is identical to Holley equipped engines. The second blueprint is three cutaway views showing internal features of the '64 Race Hemi engine. This blueprint does not show the carbs or air cleaner. The blueprints have the legend in the lower right corner of each one of them with the description of the drawing, name of the gentleman that drew them and the dates including any revisions.

What makes these blueprints so unique is that they were drawn by Chrysler in full scale. Each blueprint is 36 inches tall and roughly 18 feet long. You read that correct, 36" x 18'. I made these reprints by having my original sepia prints flat scanned and then printed on white paper with black print.

This was not a cheap process as the original sepia drawings cannot be fed into a roller type scanner, rather they have to be flat scanned on a large table by hand. This is because when Chrysler stored these blueprints they folded them up to fit into a 9 inch x 11 inch manila envelope. That means I have to unfold them to have them scanned and the sepia paper was over 40 years old and very fragile. Sepia paper is also light sensitive so the scanning is hard on these originals.

I selected a very limited number of knowledgeable people to offer these prints to and I do not intend to make them readily available again. I do not want these prints copied and made available for resale by anyone that gets them either. My intention is to only make them available to true Race Hemi collectors and not do this for the general public. If it were simply to make money I would throw them on ebay. If you decide to buy them it comes with the understanding they will not be copied. Between the cost of purchasing these sepia drawings and having them scanned I have close to $2,000.00 tied up in this, not counting the cost of the reprints.

With that in mind I am offering them for $165.00 a pair plus $15.00 shipping including insurance. I do not intend to make this offer again so please contact me soon to get yours.This offering is only good until the remaining prints are gone. I must have payment in full before your prints will be shipped. They look really great on a wall!

If you have any questions you are most welcome to contact me if you like.

I also have one other blueprint that was offered to the same select list of people.

This cylinder head blueprint legend states it is of an aluminum twin plug cylinder head, part #3614434 more commonly referred to as the 433 aluminum head. As best my Hemi engine builder can tell by comparing the blueprint to several other original heads the dimensions are identical to the street Hemi heads right down to casting thickness etc., except for the additional plug location. Unlike the Race Hemi blueprints that are very detailed exterior and cut away views, this blueprint has dimensional measurements for every imaginable detail possible. This is a full scale blueprint that measures 36 inches by approximately 18 feet. There are dozens of cross sectional views as well as all sides of the exterior of the machined casting. My engine builder has it hanging on his shop wall and uses it all the time as a measurement reference aid.

I had this blueprint scanned years ago and had the image restored at the cost of over $4,000.00 (150 hours at $27.00 per hour) and it looks nearly like a new blueprint. With that expense in mind I will be asking $100.00 for this blueprint alone. What I can do is save you any mailing costs. If you order this print with the other two blueprints I will include it with the others in one mailing. This is a VERY cool blueprint and it is amazing to look at.

Best Regards ... Greg Lane